Rich and mysterious, the V Collection by Xerjoff celebrates the supreme beauty of velvet with internationally recognised perfumes such as Erba Pura and Accento.

Soft and intense, each scent is evocative of pure luxury. In this radiant collection, fruity florals that lay on a warm bed of base notes can be discovered and doted on.

A material which was originally created to acknowledge nobility, velvet and other lavish materials are used to dress each exquisitely elegant flacon in this collection, heightening the sense of sophistication that guards the scents within.

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Laylati is a captivating and mysterious scent that has an intense and woody aroma. It opens with herbal top notes and leads to a heart of cedarwood and patchouli. Classic base notes of vanilla and tobacco add warmth and depth to this luxurious fragrance.

The V Collection by Xerjoff celebrates the tactile beauty of velvet and offers a range of rich and mysterious scents. Each fragrance is soft and intense, evoking a sense of pure luxury.

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