Remy Martin Louis XIII The Classic Decanter Cognac 700 mL


Louis XIII (Treize) Cognac, originating from the esteemed house of Remy Martin, holds a legendary status in the world of spirits. This exceptional blend is crafted using Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, carefully aged for a remarkable period ranging from 40 to 100 years. Each drop of Louis XIII is a testament to the artistry and dedication of the master blenders who have carefully curated this extraordinary Cognac.

Colour: Golden amber
Tasting Profile: Fig, prune, pastry dough, honey, and maple smells may be detected in the fragrance. The palate of Louis XIII is lengthy and very woody; other layers of flavour, such as figs, dates, prunes, dried apricot, and vanilla, are present towards the midpalate.
Alcohol Content: 40%
Place of origin: Franc

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According to tasting notes by Billy A:

Hennessy Paradis presents a highly floral aroma, reminiscent of honeysuckle, accompanied by a delightful sweetness. Delicately perfumed fruits, such as melon and peaches, contribute to its alluring bouquet. Additionally, there are hints of flowery honey and a subtle marzipan nuttiness.

The palate reveals a captivating array of flavors. Cinnamon and almonds bring a warm spiciness, while the presence of peach, orange, and orange blossom adds a luscious fruitiness. A woody spice note further enhances the experience. Billy A describes the combination as resembling the sensation of consuming twigs and sweet flowers.

Hennessy Paradis concludes with a delicate and lingering finish. Notes of grape and sweet oak spice intertwine gracefully, complemented by the subtle presence of melon. The floral elements persist, ensuring a memorable and enchanting conclusion to the tasting experience.

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