Indulge in the vibrant and luxurious scent of BYREDO PALERMO EDP. The fragrance opens with a refreshing blend of Citruses, Bigarde and Bergamot, followed by a heart of Musk and Rose, creating an alluring and romantic scent. The base note of Musk and Ambrette adds a touch of warmth and depth to this stunning fragrance. Perfect for any occasion, BYREDO PALERMO EDP is a must-have for any fragrance collection.

Top Notes: Bigarde, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Fresh Skin Musk, Rose
Base Notes: Skin Musk, Ambrette

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Experience the captivating beauty of Palermo with BYREDO PALERMO EDP. This fragrance captures the essence of the Mediterranean city with its refreshing blend of citruses, Bigarde, and bergamot in the top notes. The heart notes of musk and rose add a touch of elegance and sophistication, while the base note of musk and ambrette creates a warm and sensual finish.

BYREDO PALERMO EDP is a perfect representation of the city’s rich history and culture, encapsulating the layers of language, art, architecture, and customs that have been deposited by various empires over the centuries. This fragrance will transport you to the sun-drenched streets of Palermo and evoke memories of the city’s breathtaking landscapes, vibrant markets, and warm hospitality.

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