This fragrance composition is inspired by the traditions of the proto-Mississippian death cult from the 1200s. It incorporates natural ingredients such as native birch tar, viola, and white spruce, which are carefully blended with incense and cypress root for a grounding effect.

TOP NOTES – red cedar, aldehydes, frankincense
HEART NOTES – cypress root, black pine, cascarilla bark
BASE NOTES – incense, spanish cade, birch tar

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Mississippi Medicine is based on what little is known about the rituals of a fast growing death cult that emerged in the southern part of the US in the 1200s. Called the South Eastern Ceremonial Complex, it is more of a period within the Mississippian culture (the mound builders) when a specific system of religion quickly emerged. Other names for it were The Buzzard Cult and simply The Southern Death Cult (badass).


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