The concept behind the fragrance of the asteroid of the Little Prince is truly fascinating. It seems to draw on the idea of the Little Prince, a beloved character in literature who symbolizes the innocence, imagination, and curiosity of childhood.

The notion that this perfume can awaken these traits in the wearer, and help them to rediscover the joy of exploration and discovery, is both intriguing and inspiring. It suggests that perfume can be more than just a cosmetic accessory – it can be a tool for personal growth and enlightenment.

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The idea of the asteroid of the Little Prince approaching the world with its aromas is also quite poetic. It evokes a sense of wonder and mystery, and suggests that there is much to be discovered and explored in the world around us.

Overall, this fragrance sounds like a beautiful and thought-provoking creation, and it is sure to appeal to anyone who values imagination, creativity, and a sense of adventure. NISHANE’s invitation to perfume lovers to rediscover their inner child and explore the world is a powerful and uplifting message, and one that is sure to resonate with many people.

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