Cut from nature’s raw elegance, the XJ 17/17 Stone Label collection unites earth’s beauty with man’s artistic nature.

Inspired by London’s eclectic display at the Natural History Museum, each beautifully designed flacon is fitted with hand-cut and hand-polished natural semiprecious stones, thus granting the beholder to a unique showpiece that deserves to be exhibited, while embracing an illustrious perfume for an olfactory awakening within.

More than just a perfume, every gold plated stopper opens to a multisensorial universe just waiting to be encountered, a journey of pure beauty from beginning to end.

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The opening chapter of the Xerjoff story, Homme was the first perfume created for the collection.

Defined by a warming leather olfactory direction, this rugged and intoxicating scent transports the wearer to the soft leather seats of a prized vintage car. Opening with fresh bergamot and lemon, the heart of Homme by Xerjoff is an enticing blend of Florentine iris and Madagascan cloves, leading to an earthy base of Atlantic cedarwood and leather.

The XJ 17/17 Xerjoff collection is inspired by the minerals and semi-precious stones on display at the Natural History Museum in London.


  • Tarragon Of Grasse, Orange, Mandarin, Bergamot, Ginger From Sri Lanka, Lemon
  • Cloves From Madagascar, Florentine Iris, Lavender Flower Of Grasse
  • Amber, Atlantic Cedarwood, Bourbon Vetiver Heart, Leather Scents, Rose Sandal
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    100ml, 50ml


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