We are closer to the stars than we think. In 1947, one of the greatest meteorite showers in the history of the earth scattered over Eastern Siberia, beyond the foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountains.

An awe-inspiring experience that became the inspiration for the Shooting Stars Collection.

Each perfume from this collection has been named after the fallen stars that left their mark on our atmosphere, uniquely chosen to reflect the special nature of this event.

Every perfume is crowned with a gold plated stopper, and presented in a luxurious case which contains a certified fragment of the meteorite from the fall. With the Shooting Stars collection, you can truly treat someone to a piece of the sky.

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Apollonia sounds like a truly special fragrance, with an ethereal inspiration and luxurious details such as the meteorite fragment. The combination of delicate floral notes and musk creates a well-rounded and balanced scent. It must be a joy to wear and experience the olfactory journey it takes you on.

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