Experience an emancipation with Xerjoff’s JTC collection.

Join the Club brings a sense of pure luxury from members-only clubs and exclusive lifestyles that allows the wearer to indulge in the world they carry in their hearts.

Passionate poets, serious sportsmen and fiercely fashionable individuals can revel in the formula that is encased inside each carefully crafted flacon in this collection each time the gold plated stopper is lifted.

Join the Club’s philosophy is that ingredients are kept a closely guarded secret, instead inviting the wearer to immerse themselves in the imagined world.

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Birdie from the Join the Club collection by Xerjoff is a luxurious fragrance that pays tribute to the world of golf. This unique scent is a combination of top notes of lemon, bergamot and juniper berries, middle notes of grass, tobacco and cypress, and base notes of patchouli, vetiver and musk. It is a sophisticated and fresh fragrance that captures the essence of golf, evoking a sense of luxury, skill and passion. Like other fragrances in the Join the Club collection, the ingredients used in Birdie are kept a closely guarded secret, allowing the wearer to fully immerse themselves in the imagined world of golf.


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